AWSome Day Tampa 2017

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I went to AWSome Day Tampa yesterday

It was interesting from the standpoint of having the chance to talk to some architects on the platform, and seeing the general gist of the technologies involved.

The talk ends up being the “AWS Technical Essentials” without all the labs.

And maybe that was the problem for me…

What I really wanted was to sink my teeth into the technologies that I’m interested in, and have someone to chat to, show my work, ask questions, get answers…

A much more useful, and AWSome, day would have been if they made a developer available for people to sit down and chat about PaaS. Maybe pair program some stuff.

It is not that the IaaS stuff isn’t interesting - it is - but it is Lambda and the other offerings that don’t have me provisioning a server at all that I’m interested in.

I get that the crowd was too diverse for that. DBAs, QA, Security, Infra, PMs, and Developers. You can’t have that diverse audience and expect to get all each one of them wants.

I think what I really want is an AWS hackathon, with support from the experts.

Can we make that happen @awscloud?

AWSome Day Tampa 2017

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